Our CPR classes; Heart savers, BLS, ACLS and classes are AHA endorsed.  The instructors are AHA certified instructors.

You will need to bring your show UNEXPIRED card to class if it is a recertification.

You will need to register, have an unexpired BLS card, and complete the Pre-course Self-Assessment online test. This test provides an evaluation of a student’s comprehension of pharmacology, rhythm recognition and practical applications. A score of 80% must be attained and a print out of the student’s successful attainment of this score must be printed out and presented to the instructor the day of class.

The ACLS pre-course Self-Assessment can be accessed via www.heart.org/eccstudent. You also must have a copy of the provider manual. You cannot take the class without these items. We can provide books for rental or included for a discounted fee.

Yes, Per AHA guidelines you cannot take the ACLS or the BLS course without you having a copy of the provider manuals for use in the class.

Yes you can renew both at the same time.

Upon successful completion of a class, AHA cards are distributed the same day unless otherwise noted.

There will be no refund for a canceling that is done 48 hours, you are allowed to reschedule a paid class for a different date and time convenient to both parties. However, there will be a $50 charge.
If you are a no shows, there is no refund.
No refunds will be issued at any time once services have been performed in whole or in part.